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    Samsung has gone from power to power when it comes to Smartphone sales, recently announcing the record breaking figures for the company’s flagship – the Samsung Galaxy.  Now, the Galaxy has many models, suiting various kinds of users and standing in various price points.

    Any current report shows that Samsung is now working on future Smartphone that might feature curved display and metal bodies and the latest rumors now recommend these essential features might go to a completely new model of Samsung Galaxy flagship gadgets.

    samsung galaxy f releaase date

    According to ET News, a Korean news site, the Korean company will guide the Galaxy F series in order to serve as the 3rd line of renowned Samsung Smartphone. At present, the Galaxy S series cater to the company’s broad-spectrum high end demographic as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note series tablets that cater to the fanatics of supersize or big displays.

    On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy F line might offer to formerly tap demographics like those who would want to see Korean manufacturers produce gadgets with a durable metal design to really compete with smartphones made by HTC, Sony and Apple.

    Gossips about the metal exterior design of the Galaxy S5 stating that it will be presented to the public early next year have been around for several months. Current reports have recommended that Samsung is presently looking for a metal supplier company for a gadget to be presented early next year that points to a Samsung Galaxy F release. On the other hand, there is a possibility this metal gadget can be a Samsung S3 device.

    Reports show that the Galaxy F series might become the company’s latest high-end device concentrating on a superb design. The Galaxy S line from Samsung might then turn out to be more mainstream gadgets still featuring an exterior made of plastic, but will continue to concentrate on introducing powerful features and software.

    This looked like conceivable in the past with the introduction of the Apple iPhone line at a lower price and the more traditional iPhone and the Apple iPhone 5S as the glossy, high end Smartphone. As the Korean company is always searching for the best, it has improved the amount of normal internal storage to be far different from its competitors. A style focused revamp for the company might keep Samsung viable and feasible in an ever changing need.

    Aside from that, current rumors have also shown that the company plans to release this Samsung Smartphone with a metal and curved design this October in the Korean market. Samsung has remarkably been working on supple display technology and lots of people believe that this new design of Smartphone can be the company’s first market assessment that might pave the means for flexible style gadgets in years to come. Until now, there is no guarantee whether this curved design is the Samsung Galaxy F line or Samsung Galaxy S series.

    The latest report about the next device from Samsung is that it comes with a 5.5 inches flexible display.  When Samsung goes down that way with Galaxy S5, it will be an initial device for Samsung and will remain in step with LG that is also offering flexible screens. LG is reported to be utilizing a flexible screen on their latest gadget, even if there is a contradictory report regarding this. According to the report, the measurement of the new flexible screen will appear to forbid the Samsung Galaxy 3 even if there is conflicting rumors that Samsung will utilize it on a variety of Galaxy 3.

    The idea of a new screen looks like pretty flashy, but it will not mean that owners will be capable to alter the size of their device. However, trying it out on a variety of Samsung Galaxy 3 will give the company a time to check any glaring disadvantage before launching the Galaxy S5 big.

    Initial reports stated that the launch of a new Samsung device will be on March this coming year, but it might be possible that the company will release the Galaxy F at the MWC or Mobile World Congress, which will take place from Feb 24 to 27, 2014.  There are rumors that the company might be changing its devices’ name from Samsung Galaxy S6 to Samsung Galaxy F.

    Samsung Galaxy F is expected to operate on Android 4.4 Kit Kat and at the same utilize a 64 bit processor which is similar to the Apple iPhone 5S.

    All these reports at present are uncertain without certified confirmation from the company itself. On the other hand, Samsung fanatics must at least be capable to know that the Korean manufacturer might have many big plans for its latest and remarkable gadget. You can search the web if you are curious about the new device from the company.